Best Appetite Suppressants (2020) – I Tried Them And These Are The Ones That Worked.

It’s no secret that we need to eat less and stop snacking if we ever want to lose weight.

But for some of us that’s easier said than done when our bellies are constantly crying out “feed me! feed me!”

So how are we supposed lose weight and look our best when our appetites are getting the better of us all the time?

Well, I’ve been trying out these things called appetite suppressants for about a year now and these are the ones that really were able to suppress my appetite and help me lose weight.

Hopefully these will help you too!

These Are The Best Appetite Suppressants For Sale Right Now..

With thousands of different appetite suppressants for sale online it wasn’t easy writing this list.

I tried about 20 of the best sellers and picked the ones that had real scientific evidence backing them to suppress hunger.

My number 1 pick is real miracle worker! (I stumbled onto it by accident and now I love it and recommend it to all my friends.)

Here's Why Zotrim Is The Best Appetite Suppressant And Weight Loss Aid..

Of all the appetite suppressants I tried, Zotrim is the one that curbed my appetite the most, helping me to stop snacking and finally lose weight.

Zotrim is a herbal weight loss aid and appetite suppressant that is growing in popularity around the world.

They’ve been selling online for over 16 years and have built up a good reputation with some impressive testimonials.

Zotrims mantra to weight loss is “Eat less, exercise more, take Zotrim and lose weight!”

I always used to snack after dinner while watching tv but thanks to Zotrim I felt much fuller after eating and hardly snacked at all.

It was like the snacking part of my brain was switched off and it felt so good to not constantly be hungry and thinking about what I was going to eat next.

If you’re looking for something to curb your appetite so that you can lose weight and get in shape then Zotrim is my number 1 recommendation.

Studies and trials have been done on Zotrim to see if it works and here’s what they found:

The Zotrim Trials

Zotrim Study #1 - The Buffet Experiment

Zotrim Study 1

A group of people were invited to a lunch time buffet.

The ones who took Zotrim before lunch ate 112 fewer calories and stopped eating 3 minutes earlier than the rest!

Zotrim Study #2 - The Healthcare Workers

73 overweight healthcare workers took part in a Zotrim trial.

Before using Zotrim 65% said they often felt hungry and snacked too much between meals. After taking Zotrim only 15% said they still snacked too much.

Zotrim Study #3 - The Yerba-Mate Fat Burner

Zotrim Yerba Mate

Zotrim contains an ingredient called Yerba-Mate.

One study found that taking Yerba-Mate 1 hour before a workout helped participants burn 24% more energy from stored body fat!

Zotrim Study #4 - Zotrim Fills Your Belly

Zotrim Feel Full

Researchers gave some people a placebo and some people Zotrim and made them eat a meal.

It took 38 minutes before placebo users stomaches were empty and it took 58 minutes for Zotrim users helping the peopl who took Zotrim feel fuller for longer.

Zotrim Study #5 - 10x More Weight Loss

Researchers found that even without diet or exercise Zotrim helped users lose 10x more weight than people who took a placebo!

Zotrim Study #6 - Zotrim Beats Prescription Drugs

Zotrim achieved a greater and faster rate of weight loss without a diet than three major prescription drugs!

You can read more about the Zotrim ingredients, research and studies here.

Zotrim Reviews & Results

I was first attracted to Zotrim after seeing some of their impressive testimonials. Here’s a few of them below..

Read more Zotrim reviews here!

Zotrim is an appetite suppressant, energy booster and weight loss pill all in one.

A single bottle costs $59.99 but you can get a big discount if you order more than 1 bottle at a time.

And you’re also covered by their 100 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like it then you can just ask for your money back!


PhenQ is a powerful appetite suppressant, energy booster and fat burner that has been bought by more than 190,000 people around the world!

I found PhenQ to be a fantastic diet pill product because it helped boost my energy and I lost weight using it but it wasn’t as effective as Zotrim at suppressing my appetite, it still helped a lot though.

If you workout a lot and you’re trying to lose weight then PhenQ is a good choice because it really does boost your energy.

The main problem I had with PhenQ was that it contains quite a lot of caffeine so if I took it at night it was hard to get to sleep.

If you’re a morning or early afternoon snacker then PhenQ is a great choice!

But if you often find yourself snacking after dinner later than 6pm then definitely go with Zotrim instead.

Here’s why PhenQ is number 2 on this list of the best appetite suppressants:

PhenQ Contains Nopal


PhenQ contains an ingredient called Nopal.

It comes from a cactus like plant and it’s chock full of fiber.

So when you eat it with a meal it helps your body to slow down the digestion process which gives you a steady release of energy and suppresses your hunger.

PhenQ Contains Capsimax

PhenQ also contains an ingredient called Capsimax which is the spicy metabolism boosting part of red hot chilli’s

It’s been shown that Capsimax helps to suppress your appetite and eat an average of 66 fewer calories per meal.

All those calories add up fast to help you lose weight.

PhenQ Contains Concentrated Caffeine


PhenQ contains concentrated caffeine to get you through energy slumps and keep you going.

So you’ll find you can go longer between meals without feeling hungry or the need to snack.

PhenQ Contains Chromium Extract

PhenQ also contains Chromium which is an ingredient that suppresses your hunger signals by helping your body absorb more glucose from your meals.

By extracting more glucose from meals you can eat less and feel fuller for longer.

PhenQ also contains ingredients to help you lose weight like “a-lacy’s reset” which is a combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine.

One study showed that participants who consumed ALA were able to lose an extra 1.52 pounds more than placebo users without making any lifestyle changes.

With over 190,000 customers and a 60-day money back guarantee this is a good choice if you’re looking for something to suppress your appetite and help you lose weight.

The only real drawback is that because it contains caffeine you don’t want to take it past 6pm because it’ll disrupt your sleep pattern so it’s not great as a nighttime appetite suppressant.

The reviews of PhenQ are generally very positive with many claiming it’s helped them lose weight and suppress their appetite:

PhenQ Reviews & Results

PhenQ also has some impressive reviews and testimonials.

Here’s a few below..

Each bottle of PhenQ costs $69.95 and you can also get a nice discount if your buy more than 1 bottle at a time.

PhenQ comes with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re not impressed then you can just get your money back!


Next up we have Phen24 and to be honest I’m not sure I can recommend buying it and here’s why..

Although it did help suppress my appetite a little it was nowhere near as effective as Zotrim and I didn’t lose that much weight using it either.

And at $79.99 it’s very expensive.

I think Zotrim is a better product and at $59.99 it’s $20 a bottle cheaper than Phen24!

Having said that, Phen24 is still pretty good and I’m not trying to hate on it.

Phen24 comes in a day and night time formula, so you get 2 products in 1..

The daytime formula contains caffeine to keep you energized and the night time formula contains less stimulants to help you lose weight without disrupting your sleep.

Here’s how Phen24 tries to put a blocker on your appetitie:

Caffeine Anhydrous Suppresses Appetite And Gives You Energy

Caffeine Phen24

Phen24 contains a concentrated dose of caffeine anhydrous.

In one study people who consumed caffeine in the morning ate 10% less calories at breakfast.

Cayenne Extract Burns Body Fat And Help You Eat Less At Meals

Cayenne has been added to put a spicy curb on your appetite.

This study showed that people who ate cayenne before their next meal ate an average of 66 fewer calories.

Cayenne is also a thermogenic fat burner that revs up your metabolism and helps your body burn through an extra 200 calories per day!

Phenylalanine Tricks Your Brain Into Thinking You Are Full

Phen24 contains an ingredient called Phenylalanine.

When you consume this ingredient it releases a hormone called Cholecystokinin which tricks your brain into thinking you’re full!

Glucomannan Expands In Your Stomach Making You Feel Full

Phen24 contains Glucomannan, a super fiber from the Konjac plant.

This amazing ingredient expands in your stomach taking up space and making you feel full!

It was even featured on an episode of Dr Oz where he explained how it works.

Phen24 is nice product and I did find it suppressed my appetite quite a bit but in all honesty I think Zotrim is much better at suppressing your appetite and helping you lose weight.

Not to mention that Phen24 is quite expensive at $79.99.

However if you feel Phen24 is the product for you then just remember it also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you can get your money back if you’re not happy.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout Appetite Suppressant

Number 4 on our list of the best appetite suppressants we have Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout is a product for guys who want to give their appetite the ol’ one two punch and kick fat to the curb.

It was originally designed to help MMA fighters keep their appetites under control and get in shape before a fight.

As an appetite suppressant I’d give it a 6 out of 10. It did help but not as much as Zotrim.

I found Instant Knockout quite intense to use because the stimulants get you buzzing and give you tons of energy which is great if you’re just about to workout.

If you’re exercising a lot and your goal is to trim down then Instant Knockout rocks.

Instant Knockout is recommended by UFC legend Diego Sanchez and MMA coach Greg Jackson.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Instant Knockout will K.O your appetite and lay the smackdown on your body fat! (Sorry for being cheesy.. I couldn’t help myself. 😊)

In all honesty, this is a really good product and well worth considering if you’re a man trying to trim down.

Women can use it too but they may find the stimulants a little too strong.

Here’s how Instant Knockout will suppress your appetite:

Green Coffee Beans

Instant Knockout contains Green Coffee bean extract which is a stronger form of caffeine.

Caffeine is a natural appetite suppressant.

It keeps you energized and helps you go longer between meals without feeling hungry.

GTF Chromium

GTF Chromium helps your body absorb more glucose from meals.

This means you get more energy from less food helping to keep you energized and fuller for longer.

This is great if you’re trying to lose weight because you can eat less and feel full.


Instant Knockout also contains the powerful Glucomannan super fiber.

This amazing ingredient expands in your stomach taking up space and making you feel full!

Cayenne Extract

The cayenne reduces your appetite and helps your body burn an extra 200 calories per day, so you eat less and lose weight faster!

Instant Knockout is a good choice if you do intense workouts and need a serious energy boost.

And if you don’t already workout then this could be just the thing you need to get up and get your butt to the gym!

As an appetite suppressant Instant Knockout contains 4 proven ingredients to take your appetite down a few pegs.

I was first drawn to Instant Knockout after seeing their very impressive testimonials page.

They’ve got tons of reviews with before and after pictures.

Here’s just a few:

Instant Knockout costs $59 and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Whey Protein

Not many people know this but protein is actually an appetite suppressant.

  • In one study participants who upped their protein intake from 15% to 30% ate an average of 441 less calories per day.
  • Another study found that men who increased protein to 25% of their total calories were able to reduce cravings by 60% and get rid of night time snacking.
  • And this study showed that by increasing your protein intake your body will burn an extra 260 calories per day because it takes more energy to digest protein than it does carbohydrates or fat. (That’s the equivalent of an hour of moderate exercise!)

The great thing is that it’s easy to get more protein in your diet.

Start eating more foods like:

  • Eggs.
  • Meat and fish.
  • And beans

Most people get enough protein from diet alone but if you workout regularly then you might need a little bit extra.

A scoop of whey protein a day is an easy and delicious way to get a quick shot of fast acting protein into your diet.

My favorite whey protein powder is called Gold Standard  Whey and each scoop contains 24 grams of protein. I always take a scoop after a workout.

Making sure you get enough protein in your diet is a great way to lose weight and satisfy your hunger but I’d still recommend a dedicated appetite suppressant like Zotrim as well.

Psyllium Husk

Imagine your stomach is an empty bucket just waiting to be filled with food.

Now imagine you filled the bucket halfway up with something that has zero calories before eating.

You’d only have to eat half as much to feel full right?

Well that’s kind of how this stuff works.

Psyllium Husk is a super fiber that can double in size when it gets wet.

So you take a scoop of this with a glass of water before a meal and it expands in your stomach helping you to feel full.

And because it’s pure fiber it’ll slow down the digestion of the food you eat so you’ll get a longer lasting supply of energy, even though you ate less.

Pretty cool right?

Psyllium Husk is a fantastic  appetite suppressant that contains zero calories and it’s super cheap!

Mix a tablespoon or two with a glass of water and drink 15 minutes before a meal.

Combine Zotrim with Psyllium Husk and you hardly feel the need to eat at all!

At around $15 for 500 grams it won’t break the bank either.

This is the Psyllium Husk product I use:


5-HTP increases the amount of serotonin that your body produces.

Serotonin is known as the happy hormone.

It’s the thing that makes you feel happy after you’ve eaten a carby meal.

It’s the reason we call carb heavy foods like pizza “comfort food”.

Studies have shown that low levels of serotonin can increase carb cravings which explains why we get an insatiable hunger for junk food when we’re trying to diet.

By supplementing with 5-HTP you should begin to feel happier and your cravings should go away.

Some people swear by 5-HTP and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and some say it doesn’t do a thing.

It could be that 5-HTP is only effective at suppressing appetite in those who have low levels of serotonin.

Personally I wasn’t too impressed with 5-HTP as an appetite suppressant but I did notice some minor hunger blocking effects.

On the other hand other people do seem to be reporting that 5-HTP is suppressing their appetites:

So, if you’re feeling a little low, constantly hungry and finding it hard to stick to your diet then 5-HTP could be worth a try.

And it’s pretty cheap so it won’t leave you in financial ruins if it doesn’t work out for you.

Keto BHB

Update: KetoBHB only appears to be available in the US right now.

Number 8 on my list of the best appetite suppressants we have KetoBHB and this product is best combined with a ketogenic or low carb diet.

  • Ketogenic Diet: Under 20 grams of net carbs per day.
  • Low Carb: 20-50 grams of carbs per day.
  • Moderate Low Carb: 80-100 grams of carbs per day.

KetoBHB contains an ingredient called Betahydroxybutyrate aka exogenous ketones.

When you eat under 20 grams of carbs per day your body begins to metabolize your stored bodyfat and produce things called ketones.

Ketones are an energy source your body uses when glucose is low so your body literally begins to burn fat for energy!

When you keep your carbs low and start producing ketones you’ll notice:

  • Your appetite goes away.
  • You have stable energy.
  • Your blood sugars become steadier.
  • You lose weight fast.
  • You think more clearly.
  • Your skin becomes smoother.

One of the main benefits of eating less carbs and getting your body to run on ketones is that your hunger almost completely disappears.

Many people who follow a ketogenic diet only eat once or twice per day.

How’s that?

Well even a skinny person has over 70,000 calories worth of fat on their body that can be turned into ketones so instead of feeling the need to eat, your body can run efficiently on your stored body fat as it has a constant supply of fuel for energy.

So where does KetoBHB come in?

Well some people struggle to get into a state of ketosis as it can take days or even weeks.

KetoBHB helps you get there within hours.

This means that you might be able to get the appetite suppressing benefits of the ketogenic diet without having to reduce your carbs to less than 20 per day.

For best results I would recommend keeping your carbs under 80 grams per day if you’re going to use this product.

Here’s what some people are saying about Keto BHB:

KetoBHB provides your body with ketones so you can get the appetite suppressing benefits of a ketogenic diet without having to follow the diet so strictly.

Appetite Suppressants Q&A

Here’s some things to consider for your safety before using appetite suppressants.

  • If you’re on medication, then speak with your doctor first to make sure the ingredients won’t affect your meds.
  • Make sure you don’t under eat! The appetite suppressant stack I talked about above works so well that on some days I barely at a thing and when I checked how many calories I was consuming I was only at about 750 for the day! If you’re trying to lose weight then at a minimum you should eat around 1,000 calories per day.
  • Be careful if you are sensitive to stimulants. Some of the products above contain stimulants like caffeine which can increase your heart rate. If you have heart problems then consider one of the stimulant free options like 5-HTP, Psyllium Husk or Whey protein.
  • Appetite suppressants could influence your blood sugar so if you’re a diabetic then make sure you keep an eye on your blood sugars. Personally, I find that my blood sugars become more stable when I use the stack above.

The ones I’ve picked above contain natural ingredients and are healthy to consume.

There are no nasty chemicals in these products!

No, they’re not addictive but when you feel the benefits of using them it’s good to know that in the future if you ever need to lose weight or suppress your appetite you’ll know what do!

Yes, and sometimes too well so make sure you don’t under eat!

Yes, because the ingredients are safe and natural they can all be used long term.

Do I Have To Give Up Alcohol While Using Them?

You will notice that your appetite comes back.

But if you follow the tips and use the products I’ve listed above then you should be able to keep your appetite under control by increasing your fiber, protein and water intake!

If you have any more questions about suppressing your appetite then ask in the comments below!

7 Simple Tips To Help Keep Your Appetite Under Control

Here’s a few simple tips you can start using right away to help keep your appetite under control:

#1 Drink More Water

Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger.

So, the next time you begin to feel a craving chug down a big glass of water and see how you feel 10 minutes later.

#2 Fill Up On Veggies

A bowl of low carb and fibrous veggies before a meal. Vegetables like broccoli and spinach are low in carbs, high in fiber and very filling!

#3 Keep Blood Sugars Stable

Stick to slow digesting carbs that don’t spike your blood sugar.

Foods like oats, non-starchy vegetables and beans are full of fiber and take longer to digest so they provide a slower release of energy. The more stable your blood sugar the less hungry you will feel.

#4 Consider Going Keto

By keeping your carbs under 20 per day you train your body to burn your stored bodyfat for fuel.

With a constant supply of energy you can go long periods without feeling hungry!

#5 Eat More Protein

Protein is a natural appetite suppressant.

One study found that people who upped their protein intake from 15% to 30% ate an average of 441 less calories per day.

#6 Exercise More Often

Exercise has been shown to decrease the appetite hormone ghrelin and increase the appetite suppressing hormone Leptin.

Keep it moderate and do it regulalry to suppress your appetite and get in shape at the same time.

#7 Use A Proven Appetite Suppressant


Suppressing your appetite is easier said than done.

If you’re constantly hungry and feel like your appetite is getting the better of you then consider buying one of the proven appetite suppressants on this list and take back control of your appetite.

Which Appetite Suppressant Is The One For You?

Over the past year I’ve tried quite a few products to try and suppress my appetite and there’s one combination that completely shutdown my appetite and helped me stop snacking for good.

That combination is Zotrim and Psyllium Husk.

15 minutes before meals I would take Zotrim and a tablespoon of Psyllium Husk powder and would barely be able to finish my meals.

I’d then feel full all the way until my next meal without feeling the desire to snack at all.

  • You can get Zotrim here for $59.99
  • And this is the Psyllium Husk I use. (It’s pretty cheap)

If you want to turn off your appetite so you can lose weight and look great then give that combo a try, it’s a real winner!

And in-case you forgot here’s that list of the best appetite suppressants again:


#1 Zotrim

Best overall appetite suppressant and weight loss pill.


Usual Price: $59.99

#2 PhenQ

Contains 4 effective appetite suppressing ingredients.


Usual Price: $69.95

#3 Phen24

Suppresses your appetite and helps you lose weight 24/7.


Usual Price: $79.99

#4 Instant Knockout

Suppresses appetite. Burns fat. Excellent if you workout.


Usual Price: $59.00

#5 Whey Protein

Protein suppresses appetite.


Usual Price: $25.00

#6 Psyllium Husk

Super fiber that expands in your stomach making you feel full. Pairs great with Zotrim.


Usual Price: $12.99

#7 5-HTP

Increases serotonin levels to prevent emotional eating.


Usual Price: $14.88

#8 KetoBHB

Increases ketone levels to suppress appetite.


Usual Price: $56.99

What do you think of my list of the best appetite suppressants?

Have you tried any of these products or think you know of a better one?

Let us know in the comments below!

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